Why use this service?

You get the monitoring of the workplace, your devices, without the worries and the initial investment.

Welcome to the portal for the remote supervision technology units.

Here you can view the status of Your technology. You will see the current status and historical records. The form of a statement of values or chart. In the case of exceptional events in technology, you can be informed through e-mail messages or SMS.

The data that you want to monitor, you will be operated by a machine PLC to send to the Web address. You can connect from anywhere on the internet and through a standard Web browser to monitor your technology.

To do this, perform the following steps:

Points a), b) you make through this Web site.
Point c) will be Your worker who maintains a PLC. We can provide full technical support.
In case of your interest, we will also point c). Both the delivery of the communications software, application software for the management of technology, and the delivery of the machine PLC.

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